Maeser can deliver whole-house comfort with a whole-house humidifier

Turning your thermostat up may keep you warm through all of this winter’s bitter cold, but it may leave your indoor air less than ideal. Over-dry air can be unhealthy and can have damaging effects on your body and your home. House temperature is just one factor in your family’s total home comfort; humidity is also a factor that must … Read More

Maeser serves the Louisville community

This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Marvin Maeser becoming a plumber. To celebrate, we enjoyed a potluck luncheon with him at the office. Marvin Maeser Plumbing was founded in 1975 by Marvin and Mildred Maeser as a new construction plumbing company. It was several years later that Maeser Master Services was added, in order to provide heating and … Read More