Emergency shut-off valves

Have you ever said, “If only I had…(fill in the blank)…then none of this would have happened?” This blog is intended to minimize stress and cost and maximize efficiency and peace of mind. I am talking about your home’s emergency shut-off valves. If you had an emergency and needed to turn off your water, would you know where the shut-off … Read More

What it means to be BBB accredited

The Better Business Bureau is an unbiased tool for consumers to use to search for businesses and charities they can trust. The BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. Although it seems as though good business practices would be common sense, the BBB has a Standard of Trust for which they base their accredited businesses. The … Read More

Keep your sewer lines flowing freely

Benjamin Franklin’s quote “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” most certainly was not talking about clogged sewers, however, it certainly applies. Recognizing the signs that your sewers are clogged can reduce the risk of unwanted repairs, water damage and an icky mess. The things to look for when you suspect a clogged sewer line include water … Read More

3 steps to choosing the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom

If you are not ready for a complete bathroom remodel, sometimes just making one change in your bathroom can make it more appealing. Although it is one of the most functional items in your bathroom, your medicine cabinet can add style and become a gorgeous focal point. With many surprising options to choose from, here are three steps to consider … Read More

Old house, small bathroom

Although older homes are quaint and come with their own set of charms, the bathrooms are typically on the small side. The limited counter top space often quickly becomes cluttered due to lack of storage. Often, there is room for only one person at a time due to a restricted floor plan, and outdated plumbing fixtures, cabinets, and flooring can … Read More

Home Sweet Home for Retirees

Dorothy was right when she said, “There’s no place like home.” When asked where they wish to receive extended care, “home” is the top preference of 85% of retirees. According to a USA Today article, a national survey revealed that retirees would prefer to live in their own home rather than an assisted-living facility, a family member’s home, or a … Read More