Improving the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Your House Air Conditioner

Your house air conditioner consumes the most energy of all the systems in your home, so it makes sense to focus on AC efficiency first when you’re trying to cut energy costs. Here are a few tips for maximizing the efficiency of your house air conditioner and minimizing the amount of power it requires to keep your home comfortable. Replace the Filter … Read More

The Advantages of a Water Circulation Pump for Your Home

Do you find yourself turning on the hot water in the shower or in the kitchen sink to do the dishes, and then having to wait a while for it to warm up? Do you worry about wasting water and money by doing this? If so, you might benefit from a water circulation pump. Here is everything you need to … Read More

Qualities to Look for in an HVAC Service Company

When you call an HVAC service company to work on your heating and air conditioning—one of the more expensive systems in your home—it’s important that they be someone you can trust. Especially if major work is needed, you’ll want to choose someone you feel comfortable working with who can give you trustworthy advice and help you make important decisions. Ideally, it will … Read More