When Do You Know You Need a Garbage Disposal Repair?

The garbage disposal is one of the most underappreciated kitchen appliances that there is. A good garbage disposal makes it easy to get rid of food scraps, saving you the hassle of wiping them into the trash. It will also shred those food scraps, thereby preventing them from clogging your pipes. Considering just how useful it is, you’ll want to get your … Read More

A Sump Pump Backup Can Save Your Home in an Emergency

If you’ve ever had flooding in your home, you know how all-encompassing the aftermath can be. You not only have to get rid of the water, you have to replace what’s been irreparably damaged by the water and jump through hoops to try to save the rest. It means a loss of time and money, not to mention potentially having … Read More

What to Do When Your Water Leak Detector Goes Off

Water leaks can occur throughout your home as a result of any number of issues. For example, water can leak through a damaged roof, from faulty plumbing (including both pipes and fixtures), and from faulty appliances (such as washing machines or refrigerators). Major leaks can result in significant water damage; however, even minor leaks can have a big impact, especially … Read More

How an AC Tune Up Keeps Your Cooling System Running at Peak Condition

Summers in Louisville, KY, can get pretty uncomfortable if you don’t have a fully functioning air conditioning system to rely on. Unfortunately, just because you have an air conditioner doesn’t mean that it will do a good job cooling your home. It’s why you should schedule an AC tune-up at least once a year. AC Systems Require Regular Maintenance If … Read More