Bottled or Tap – What Should You Drink?

As Americans are becoming more environmentally conscious, many are questioning whether it’s better to drink bottled water or tap water. The impact of using plastic bottles is part of the equation, but there are also concerns over the taste and quality of the water. So, should you choose the bottle or the tap? Let’s take a look. Safety If your water isn’t … Read More

Can Indoor Plants Improve Air Quality?

Indoor air pollution is a serious issue. In fact, it can cause problems that range from itchy eyes and sinus congestion to headaches, fatigue and respiratory issues. If you’re concerned about the air in your home, you may have thought about adding some houseplants to your home decor — but can indoor plants really improve air quality? The answer is: sort of.  While plants don’t … Read More

TP alternatives: Are they a good idea

With the COVID-19 pandemic still running rampant throughout the world, it has become rather difficult to find toilet paper anywhere. What happens if you run out? While there are plenty of TP alternatives being advertised all over the internet, we’re here to answer your questions and set the record straight. In the event that you run out of toilet paper, … Read More