Bathroom remodeling-start with the basics

When it comes to our home, we want our surroundings, and in this case, our bathroom, to match our personality and style. You may just want to introduce some new accessories, change the color scheme or theme or do a massive bathroom remodel that coincides with your lifestyle. One thing that is a constant for any degree of decorating plan … Read More

The Customer service difference

Have you ever had a person you didn’t know go out of their way to help you out or give you advice that didn’t necessarily benefit them? Have you walked into a store and been greeted by an employee that acted as though they were truly glad you were there? Did they help you find what you were looking for … Read More

Dog days of summer

The dog days of summer are July 3 through August 11 and yep, we are in the thick of it right now. There are days that I ponder how people survived without air conditioning. Perhaps lots of front porch swinging with ice cold lemonade. But modern conveniences have improved our comfort and we expect those comforts to work flawlessly. So … Read More

Improve the air quality in your home

Let’s face it, Louisville is notorious for people walking around with sniffles and watery eyes. As a matter of fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Louisville, Kentucky was third on the top 5 spring allergy capitals list for 2012. To make matters even worse for the typical allergy sufferer, our winter was extremely mild, therefore, flowers … Read More

Make your bathroom just ducky!

Remodeling your bathroom can give a whole new feel to your home, whether it is a half bath or a master suite. It should feel warm, welcoming and comfortable and be a private sanctuary where you can relax. Although functionality is crucial, in the bathroom you can focus on style and appearance by updating the sink and fixtures. Many homeowners are … Read More

Geothermal – Heating and cooling your home.

Geothermal is currently a big buzz word, but actually, geothermal heat pumps have been in use since the 1940s. So what is geothermal? To simplify its explanation, the ground acts as a huge solar battery that soaks up the sun’s energy and stores it as heat. Geothermal technology takes advantage of that stored heat utilizing the earth’s constant 55ºF temperature. … Read More

Maeser participates in Multiple Sclerosis Expo

The MS Expo was this past Saturday, and for the people who don’t know anyone with multiple sclerosis, this may mean nothing to you. But for the people who suffer from this debilitating disease or have a loved one diagnosed with this disease, this expo was immeasurable. What is MS? According to the MS Center web site, multiple sclerosis is … Read More

Maeser Earns Aging-in-place Designation

In attempting to achieve its goal of providing its customers’ options and quality service Maeser has completed the Certified Aging-in-place Specialist (CAPS) program sponsored by the National Home Builders Association. The CAPS program teaches the technical, business management and customer service skills essential to provide home modifications for the aging in place. Maeser has completed all requirements and is now … Read More

Maeser Participates in Area Festivals

Middletown Gaslight Festival September 10-11, 2010 Maeser is excited to be participating in the Middletown Family Festival on September 10th and 11th 2010. Come join us for some family fun. If you’d like to get a look at the world’s largest claw foot bath tub look for our float in the parade on Saturday. With the tub’s running water and … Read More

Maeser Recognized for Superb Customer Satisfaction

Maeser Master Services was recognized for outstanding customer satisfaction in the Nexstar Customer Satisfaction Audit (CSA) program. Nexstar is a St. Paul, Minnesota-based organization that emphasizes customer-oriented business marketing. The CSA was performed by an independent market research firm to identify factors that influence how customers perceive household service and repair firms. Factors were narrowed to 1. workmanship, 2. promptness … Read More