Expecting guests this holiday season?

As trees turn to the spectacular color fest that autumn brings, we are reminded that the holiday season is fast approaching. After the initial euphoric thoughts about great food, seasonal music and gift giving, panic sets in. You are expecting guests soon and your bathroom layout is planted firmly in the dark ages and you don’t know where to begin. Never fear, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Look at your bathroom objectively – Decide what you like and want to keep and what you definitely want to discard. Then you can work your remodel around them.
  • Christmas bathroom decorDon’t overlook the small details. Splurging on bathroom fixtures such as toilet paper holders, light switches or cabinet pulls add an extra level of elegance and style.
  • Consider upkeep when planning your remodel – Ask yourself how hard it will be to clean or maintain. For example, choosing white grout with your tile can be challenging to keep it from staining and discoloration over time. If you don’t want to scrub tile in your shower, consider a low-maintenance molded shower insert.
  • Try to keep your finishes consistent – From shiny chrome to oil-rubbed bronze, there are several finishes you can choose from for your towel rack, faucet, shower head, toilet paper holder, light fixtures, etc. Keeping your finishes consistent is not a steadfast rule, so if you love a lighting fixture that only comes in chrome and everything else is bronze, follow your creative spirit.
  • Counter tops matter – The most common materials used for counter tops are marble, quartz and granite. Even though they all are beautiful, the one that requires less maintenance may be your best bet. Marble is the most porous and is susceptible to stains and is sensitive to some chemical cleaners. Granite is durable and stain resistant, however, an occasional sealant needs to be applied to ensure luster and longevity. Quartz is nonporous, requires no topcoat and has no maintenance.

Still panicking? The Internet is your best friend. Search bathroom remodeling on Pinterest or on the Maeser portfolio page to get ideas. Then plan your remodeling strategy or give Maeser a call for our turn-key bathrooms that will take you from demo to paint.