Louisville Backflow Prevention

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) offers two voluntary programs to reduce basement backups and remove improper connections to the sewer system. Under these programs MSD will pay to install backflow prevention devices in Louisville homes of customers who have experienced a sewer related backup in their basements or live in an area with a history of wet weather basement backups. In addition these programs protect the community’s streams from overflows of untreated sewage.

There is no charge to the property owner if you qualify

Because Maeser is an approved contractor for MSD, we work with them on these two programs to ensure that you, your family and the community are protected.

Basement Backflow Prevention Program

We help Maeser and MSD customers who have had a past sewer-related
backup in their basement or live in an area with a history of wet weather basement backups.

Sump Pump / Downspout Disconnection Program

We help Maeser and MSD customers remove improper connections from the
sewer system.
To protect your home and the community’s streams from overflows of untreated sewage, we invite you, as the property owner, to participate in these voluntary programs.

Call us for more details at 266-6545 or call MSD’s customer relations at
502-587-0603 to find out if you are eligible to participate.

If you are eligible schedule your estimate on-line or call us today.

Water backflow prevention

The Louisville Water Company (LWC) has been delivering safe, great tasting water to its customers since 1854.  The company does everything it can to ensure the safety of the water supply.  One of the most effective ways to protect our drinking water is to prevent contaminants from being pulled back into the public water supply.  This can happen when pressure in the system changes and water flow is reversed.  The (LWC) has put in to place a Cross Connection Control Program which requires commercial and industrial customers to have a backflow preventer on the service line to protect the public water supply. A backflow preventer is a device that stops water flowing through a pipe from changing direction.  Maeser has experienced technicians ready to install these devices. Call today for a free estimate.

If you have a backflow preventer you must have it tested annually by a certified technician.  Maeser has certified technicians who can properly test your device. Call today.

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