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Why It’s Important to Hire Professional Air Conditioning Installers

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive investments you’ll make on your home. Many homeowners see that price tag and start thinking about how to cut costs, but there’s one place you don’t want to skimp, and that’s on a professional installation. Hiring someone on the cheap can result in shoddy work, a failed system, and even a voided warranty, while doing the work yourself could quickly get you in over your head. It’s important to hire experienced, professional air conditioning installers, and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Professional Installers Really Know Their Stuff

Probably the number one reason to hire the professionals is that they have the training, experience, and specialization your air conditioning install needs. At Maeser, for instance, our technicians have been trained in HVAC and offer the wisdom that comes with working on these systems for years. Their specialization benefits you every step of the way, from choosing the right air conditioner for your home to ensuring everything is installed correctly.

AC Installers Get the Job Done Quickly

Everyone knows how do-it-yourself jobs can stretch on for days or even weeks before completion. This is another area where your technician’s professional training and experience benefits you. They install air conditioners every day, so they know what needs to be done and how to do it. No stopping to YouTube what to do next, having to undo things to do it again the right way, or making up for costly mistakes! They get the AC in and running, get out, and let you get on with your cool and comfortable life.

Professionals Guarantee Their Work

One of the best things about hiring professional air conditioning installers is that their work is guaranteed. When you do the work yourself or hire a handyman on the cheap, you’re on the hook if anything gets messed up or installed wrong, but any good professional will guarantee his work. Of course, with his superior experience and know-how, it’s highly unlikely he’ll mess anything up, but if there is anything that’s not done right, he’ll fix it. When choosing an HVAC installer, make sure they offer this important guarantee before making any commitments.

Professional Installation Preserves Equipment Warranties

Your new air conditioner comes with a warranty, but a poor installation could actually void that warranty. System damage or failure that was caused by improper installation is generally not covered, and often the air conditioner manufacturer will even require that the installation be done by a professional. This isn’t done to trick you out of your money, but to protect you and your home by ensuring the air conditioner is installed right from the beginning.

Professional Installation Is Just the Start of an Ongoing Relationship

To keep your brand new air conditioner running smoothly, and most likely to maintain the warranty, you’ll need to have regular maintenance and tune-ups done on your system. Having a professional installation done now helps by setting up a relationship with an HVAC company that you can call the next time you need maintenance, or heaven forbid, a repair done on your system. Be sure to ask the installers to explain to you what maintenance will need to be done on your new air conditioner, and how often. They can help you set up a maintenance schedule to keep your system running in tip-top shape so that all of the occupants of your home can keep their cool.

For Top Service, Call Maeser

Perhaps letting someone qualified handle your air conditioning installation is an easy sell for you, but you’re just not sure who to turn to. Rest assured that any time you choose Maeser for your HVAC needs, you’ll be in good hands. Our technicians are trained to provide you with experience, fast, and friendly service. Call Maeser today for worry-free professional air conditioning installation.

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