Precision Tune-Up

Extend the life and performance of your heating or air conditioning with a precision tune-up from Maeser.
Maintaining your heating and cooling system regularly will not only increase the performance, lowering your utility bills, but will also extend the life of your system. You can trust the Maeser team to perform a precision tune-up of your system with our 21 point inspection and maintenance.

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A Precision tune up and cleaning includes the following:

1. Clean air filters.
2. Inspect indoor coil and clean accessible.
3. Clean drain line and or condensate pump.
4. Inspect secondary drain line and clean.
5. Inspect thermostat.
6. Inspect electrical connections and tighten if needed.
7. Adjust and clean blower components.
8. Lubricate motors.
9. Check voltages and amp draws.
10. Check amp draws on each strip heater and operation of each.
11. Check breakers and fuses.
12. Inspect and test safety controls.
13. Inspect duct work.
14. Check for proper temperature rise and or drop across indoor coil.
15. Evaluate starting capabilities.
16. Inspect outdoor coil and clean if needed.
17. Check for proper refrigerant charge, use superheat and subcool method.
18. Inspect for proper reversing valve operation.
19. Check defrost time and adjust if needed.
20. Check defrost cycle.
21. Monitor A/C cycle and or heat cycle.

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