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20 tips to save money this heating season

1. CHANGE YOUR FILTERS Dirty filters in your home’s heating system result in dirty air in your home. They also restrict the system’s air flow, reducing your heating system’s efficiency by up to 15%.
2. INSTALL A PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT Installing a programmable thermostat in your home (and using it correctly!) can save you up to $180 in heating and cooling costs each year.
3. SET YOUR PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT Setting it for an optimal temperature of 68º while you are awake and at home and 10 degrees cooler than that while you sleep and are at work will result in big savings.
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4. TUNE-UP YOUR EQUIPMENT Annual maintenance on your heating equipment prolongs its life, prevents untimely breakdowns, protects your home from potential damage and increases your system’s efficiency.
5. REDUCE YOUR WATER HEATER’S TEMPERATURE Water heaters usually come with a preset temperature of 140º. Adjusting this preset temperature to 120º will save you money.
6. SEAL YOUR WINDOWS Gaps around windows result in a drafty feel and a source of heat loss. This heat loss can easily be stopped by adding caulking around your home’s windows.
7. ADD WEATHER STRIPPING TO YOUR EXTERIOR DOORS Many exterior doors have a small gap at the very bottom – this gap is an easy escape route for your home’s heat. Adding weather stripping to the bottom of the door will block that loss.
8. INSULATE YOUR ATTIC Adding 12 inches of insulation to your home’s attic will drastically reduce heating loss in the winter while also keeping your home cooler in the summer months.
9. SEAL YOUR DUCTS Leaking ducts affect 3 out of 4 homes in the US and homes that have leaking duct work lose between 25-40% of heating energy through the leaks in their duct work.
10. CHECK YOUR HEATING VENTS Make sure that your vents are not being stifled by items in your home. Check your heating vents to ensure that they are not blocked by furniture, rugs or other household objects.
11. REMOVE ANY WINDOW-UNIT AIR CONDITIONERS This will reduce the risk of heat loss through the unit and the gaps on the sides of the unit. If you cannot remove the a/c, add insulation around the outside of the unit and caulk in any gaps on the sides.
12. INSULATE YOUR ELECTRICAL OUTLETS AND SWITCHES Adding foam outlet and switch gaskets behind the wall plates throughout your home will prevent heat loss through the outlet and switch openings.
13. INSULATE YOUR ATTIC ACCESS PANEL Prevent heat loss by adding weather stripping around the attic access panel. Additionally, cut a piece of foam board insulation to attach to and cover the back of the panel.
14. CHECK YOUR CHIMNEY’S FLUE Gaps around the flue allow heat to escape. Glimpse into your chimney and see if you can spot any daylight. If you can, you have a gap to fill. Consider using an inflatable chimney balloon.
15. MAKE USE OF YOUR HOME’S CURTAINS Open them during the day to let in the sun’s warm light and draw them shut at night to help prevent warm air from making its way out the window.
16. USE YOUR CEILING FAN This may sound counterintuitive, but setting your ceiling fan to run clockwise, at a slow speed will send the warm air that has risen to the top of the room down towards you and your family.
17. PUT A JACKET ON YOUR WATER HEATER Well, an insulating layer that is. This can help your water heater keep the tanked water warmer with less energy during cold winter weather.
18. CLEAN YOUR WOOD OR PELLET STOVE VENTS REGULARLY This cleaning will help keep the wood or pellet stove running efficiently. It also reduces the risk of fire damage to your home.
19. GIVE THE FURNACE SOME SPACE Your furnace (or boiler!) needs room to run efficiently. Remove any items that you may be storing closely around or against your heating system to give it the space it needs.
20. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR HEATING SPECIALS!  Having your home’s heating system professionally tuned-up will help it run better for longer…and for a limited time take $30 off any home heating service.

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