Bathroom modifications for life

Remodeling your bathroom for convenience, comfort, to update old plumbing, to enlarge for a growing family or to create a bathroom from a hall closet are great ideas. Plus, modernizing your bathroom could potentially increase its resale value. However, one home improvement that many home owners don’t think about is making the bathroom accessible for age-related physical challenges. Some of these modifications could be extensive, while others are just simple fixes.
Here are some ideas to consider when taking on a bathroom remodeling project.
• Make sure the door way is wide enough to
accommodate a wheel chair.Bathroom from a storage area
• Convert a step-in shower to a curb-less shower
allowing roll-in access.
• Consider installing two shower heads: one for
someone standing, the other for someone sitting.
• Install a walk-in tub
• Make sure the lighting is efficient to ensure safety
• Consider non-skid flooring
• Switch to scald-proof water fixtures with easy to
use knobs
• Install a comfort height toilet and vanity
• Add decorator grab bars in the form of towel racks,
toilet roll holders, soap dish, etc.
• Install a cooling capacity medicine cabinet for
medications requiring refrigeration.

Modifying your bathroom for convenience, safety and beauty doesn’t have to be expensive, or time consuming. Thinking ahead to potential physical challenges can make it possible for you or a loved one to enjoy independent living for years to come. Whether your budget is small or large, it’s important to determine which modifications may benefit you and your family now and in the foreseeable future.

If your goal for 2013 is to remodel your bathroom or to make aging-in-place modifications, consider the experts that are Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) by the National Home Builders Association. We can show you how your bathroom can be safe and easy to use, yet still beautiful and welcoming for everyone.