Fall into energy savings

Fall is a transitional time of year. The temperature drops; we unpack our sweaters and boots, and put away our shorts and flip flops. Summer is gone, and although we may feel some Indian summer days, colder weather is on its way. Kids are back in school, and we fall into a regular routine. You can take advantage of this time of year by taking steps to decrease your energy consumption.

• Unplug unused devices. Unplug all of the devices and small appliances your children used all summer. Lady in a coatSmall electronics, when left plugged in to a power source, can account for as much as 10 percent of your monthly energy bill.

• Online Energy Analysis. Find out how much energy is used in your home. This service is offered to LG&E and KU customers at no cost. After answering a few questions about your home and energy use, they will provide you with a customized report that includes suggestions on how to reduce your energy consumption.

• Adjust the programmable thermostat. As your routine changes this fall, adjust the settings on your programmable thermostat. According to lge-ku.com, adjusting your thermostat up two degrees in the summer and down two degrees in the winter can save you up to $45 a year.

• Heating system tune-up. As the cold weather approaches, have your heating system inspected, cleaned and professionally maintained. Air filters need to be changed once a month to keep air flowing freely. According to lge-ku.com, you can save up to $50 off your energy bill per year by having your HVAC system professionally cleaned.

• Adjusting the water heater. Lower the thermostat to 120º F on your water heater.

• ENERGY STAR benefits. Buy an ENERGY STAR water heater and HVAC system, and the energy savings will last throughout the lifetime of the unit. To offset the cost of a new HVAC unit or water heater, rebates ranging from $150 – $775 are available.

As the leaves and temperatures drop, so can your energy bill. A few simple tips can result in savings that add up over the course of the fall and winter season.

To get started on your quest to save energy, call Maeser and get your heating system inspected and professionally cleaned.