Floods, sewer-back ups and sump pumps, oh my!

Duck bootsSpringtime is a beautiful time of year with flowers popping their heads up above ground and longer daylight to do more things outside. But with spring comes the anticipated spring showers, which can be good and it can be bad. Regardless, it is a good idea to plan for the upcoming deluge of precipitation. Whether the main concern is a deteriorating sump pump, a flooded basement or sewer back up, maintenance and preventative actions are always the best measures to take.

Maeser recommends checking into two voluntary programs that MSD offers to reduce basement backups and remove improper connections to the sewer system. MSD will install backflow prevention devices in the Louisville homes of customers who have experienced a sewer-related backup in their basement or live in an area with a history of wet-weather basement backups. In addition, these programs protect the community’s streams from overflows of untreated sewage.

There is no charge if the property owner is qualified!


Maeser works with MSD on both the Basement Backflow Prevention Program and the Sump Pump/Downspout Disconnection Program to prevent a springtime mishap, so rest assured the job will get done with expert technicians.

If a flooded basement or sewer back-up is of concern, call Maeser to get details about how to participate in these voluntary programs at 266-6545 or call MSD customer relation’s line at 587-0603.

Sewer & drain line cleaning, repair and replacement

The sewer line from the house to the city’s main sewer line in the street must be maintained by the homeowner. Maeser’s professional plumbers are drain and sewer line experts and will thoroughly remove clogs and debris from your kitchen and bathroom all the way to the sewer line, plus identify any issues before they become major problems. We use a high-resolution video camera to find areas in the pipes that may be cracked, broken or clogged and fix the problem with minimal impact on your house and yard.

Call Maeser for a free estimate on sewer-line cleaning or repair.

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