Purify your air to alleviate allergy triggers

We are starting to see green sprout up from the ground, buds on the trees and the smell of Spring in the air. It seems like a long time coming after the unusually cold and snowy winter we have all just endured. Although we are all happy to see Spring make its appearance, with it comes its own challenges. Allergies in the Ohio River Valley can be brutal for some people and an annoyance for the rest of us. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Louisville is one of the worst city for allergy sufferers. Louisville and the surrounding communities experience allergy issues as grass and tree pollen appear. Staying inside your home is not only impractical, it won’t solve the problem. Our air quality inside can be just as bad as the outdoors and sometimes even worse. Your family may experience persistent sore throats, watery eyes, nasal drainage, itchy skin or swollen eyes, however, there are steps you can take to improve the air quality and lessen the allergy triggers within your home:

girl blowing bubbles• Keep a dust-free, clean home
• Vacuum at least 2 times a week
• Wipe down cabinets
• Take off shoes before entering your home
• Use allergy-proof pillow cases
• Wash your bed sheets once a week in hot water and allergy-free soap
• Consider replacing carpet with hard wood flooring
• Wash and brush your dog frequently
• Use window shades instead of drapes or mini blinds
• Use mold and mildew fighting cleaner in the bathroom
• Consider painting your bathroom and kitchen with paint that inhibits the growth of mold

Other steps you can take are having a whole-house air purification system installed. This system is designed to help reduce germs and mold in your home, plus reduce odors and toxic chemical vapors. Maeser also recommends installing a whole-house furnace humidifier which delivers the perfect amount of moisture to your air so mold and mildew cannot thrive.
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