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The Advantages of a Water Circulation Pump for Your Home

Do you find yourself turning on the hot water in the shower or in the kitchen sink to do the dishes, and then having to wait a while for it to warm up? Do you worry about wasting water and money by doing this? If so, you might benefit from a water circulation pump. Here is everything you need to know about the advantages of such a system, how it works, and the types of water circulation pumps available.
Advantages of a Water Circulation Pump
There are several advantages to installing a water circulation pump in your home. Even if you don’t care about every advantage, chances are at least one of these will provide a compelling reason to consider such a system.

• Convenience. Who wants to stand around and wait for hot water when they’re ready to get in the shower?
Or have to keep adjusting the water temperature as the hot warms u

p while you’re washing dishes? With a water circulation pump, when you turn on your hot tap, you get hot water, even 

at the sink that’s farthest from the water heater. No more waiting around!

happy cute little baby boy taking bath


• Eco-friendly. Does it trouble you to waste water while waiting for the hot to heat up? If being more Earth-friendly is appealing to you, you’ll love having a circulation pump. No more wasted water!
• Save money. Especially during times of drought, wasting water can be an expensive habit. A water circulation pump also saves money by keeping the water heated, so that not as much energy has to go into reheating. And while it might sound like an increase in spending to run the pump, there are several different kinds, enabling you to choose the type that works best for your needs.

How It Works
Normally, when you turn on the hot water tap you have to run the water for a bit before it gets hot. That’s because the water in the pipe has cooled down since it was last used, and how long ago that was will determine how long you have to wait. A water circulation pump solves this problem by sending the water back to the hot water heater to be reheated so that it’s hot when you need it to be. Homes that were plumbed for a circulating system will have a dedicated return line, but retrofitted homes can still use a circulation pump by using the cold line as a return line.
Types of Circulation Pumps
There are several types of circulation pumps available to homeowners. Which type you choose will depend on what advantages you’re looking for.

• Standard: Originally, a circulation pump was designed to run continuously to keep the water hot at all times. This is the type of system you’d see in commercial buildings such as restaurants and hotels, but it’s not as appealing to the savvy homeowner, unless convenience is really your thing. Yes, your water will be hot the instant you turn on the tap, but the cost of running the pump won’t save you any money.
• On-Demand: A demand or on-demand water circulation system only starts circulating the hot water when you want it. It means you’ll still need to wait a moment for hot water, but if you plan ahead a few minutes it’ll still be ready when it’s needed. This system will also save you both water and money.
• Time and Temperature: If you know generally what times of day you need your hot water, a time and temperature system might work well for you. These systems allow you to preset times and even specific temperatures at which you would like your hot water. Used appropriately, these systems can save both money and water, but if you run the pump more than needed you’ll lose the financial savings.

Installing a Water Circulation Pump
Installing a water circulation pump isn’t difficult, but it’ll require professional expertise to determine whether your home needs to be retrofitted, and how to best go about it. For more information about hot water circulation systems or to get a quote, schedule with Maeser today.

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