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10 Common Problems with Heating and Air Conditioning

Families and businesses throughout Kentucky rely on their heating and cooling systems to stay healthy and comfortable throughout the year, so when something goes wrong, identifying and fixing the problem quickly is essential. That’s why it’s crucial for HVAC professionals like us to know the most common problems. 

1. Dirty or Clogged Filters

Among all the different components in an HVAC system, filters seem like the most simple, but they can cause a lot of issues. As dirt, dust, and other debris builds up in the fibers of a filter over time, airflow throughout the entire HVAC system becomes restricted. We recommend the pleated variety.

2. Malfunctioning Thermostat

Efficient and effective heating and cooling depends on accurate control and measurement. Think of your thermostat as the brain of your entire HVAC system. When it malfunctions, you lose your ability to keep your environment at the right temperatures. In some cases, the problem may be as simple as a dead battery. If you’re unable to diagnose a broken thermostat yourself, our expert technicians can take a look and resolve the issue quickly. 

3. Wear and Tear

Your heating and cooling components are affected by wear and tear just like your automobile or any other system with moving parts. Loose bolts, rusted bearings, and stripped belts are all relatively simple and common problems that can be fixed with a quick tweak or replacement. 

4. Tripped Breakers and Blown Fuses

The most common cause of a tripped breaker or blown fuse is an overworked blower. If the motor has to work extra hard to push air through the system due to a dirty filter or other clogs, the problem could reoccur. That’s it’s important to replace the filter often. Sometimes this issue is caused by a problem in your electrical system in which case it’s important to have a professional inspection. 

5. Blower Doesn’t Stop Running

We often get complains that a customer’s blower will not stop running even when heating or cooling isn’t needed. This can be a very annoying problem. One thing you can do before calling for help is to make sure that the fan switch on your thermostat isn’t set to on. Our trained technicians can diagnose the issue if the problem is more complicated.

6. Electric Control Failure

The electronic controls that operate the fan and compressor can degrade over time, especially if they are turned off and on frequently. As advised by the U.S Department of Energy, we inspect electrical connections and contacts during routine maintenance to ensure that wires and terminals don’t corrode. 

7. Noisy Furnace

Furnaces, especially older ones, are notorious for making strange noises. Some noise is nothing to worry about in many cases, but if humming or squealing are accompanied by performance issues that there might be a problem. Noises can be caused by anything from a  bad interior fan or capacitor to a loose fan belt.

8. Lack of Refrigerant

When an air conditioner starts blowing warm air instead of cold, a lack of refrigerant is usually the most common culprit. This problem is often caused by a leak of the fluid. In some cases, the leak can be repaired the air conditioner can be refilled with the appropriate refrigerant. In some cases, a leak that can’t be repaired will occur, requiring a replacement of the part. 

9. Clogged Drainage

While common, clogged drains don’t get much attention until they lead to a major failure. Condensate drains can fill up with dirt, algae and other debris, and when they do water can back up into the air conditioning unit, causing damage.

10. Lack of Maintenance

While not a specific issue, we encounter this general problem enough that it’s worth putting on the list of most common HVAC troubles. HVAC systems have complicated parts and components that need to be maintained in order to function correctly over time. When these systems are ignored, small problems can turn into debilitating ones rather quickly. 

If you’re experiencing one of these common issues or any other type of problem with your heating or cooling, we’re ready to get to work. We’ll use our advanced tools, training, and decades of industry experience to keep you comfortable throughout the year. 

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