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3 steps to choosing the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom

If you are not ready for a complete bathroom remodel, sometimes just making one change in your

bathroom can make it more appealing. Although it is one of the most functional items in your bathroom, your medicine cabinet can add style and become a gorgeous focal point. With many surprising options to choose from, here are three steps to consider when choosing to add or change your medicine cabinet.

The first step is to choose your installation type. You can mount a medicine cabinet flush with your wall or you can cut through your bathroom wall and recess your cabinet. A wall-mounted option may take up more space than you want, but saves you from having to cut a hole in your wall or worry about pipes or wires behind the wall. On the other hand, a recessed cabinet is usually more aesthetically pleasing, but you may have to reroute pipes or wires if they interfere with the cabinet placement.

The second step is to select a style that will coordinate with the rest of your bathroom’s architecture. The most common designs are either traditional, contemporary, or transitional. A traditional-style medicine cabinet is usually framed in wood and includes decorative molding and/or a beveled mirror. For a more modern, contemporary style, choose a frameless mirror. A transitional look has features that incorporate a traditional and contemporary look, for example a metal-framed mirrored cabinet.

Once your style is selected, the third step is to choose the functionality options that may work best for you and your family. Some medicine cabinets come with built-in outlets and/or USB ports inside that can be used for hair dryers, electric shavers, toothbrushes, or even charging your cell phone as you get ready in the morning. Some feature refrigerated cabinets for cosmetics or medicines. Another convenient feature that is available in some medicine cabinets is an interior light that turns on when the door is open and automatically turns off when closed which prevents you from having to turn on a bright light in the middle of the night. A programmable nightlight or a one-touch electronic mirror defogger are some other neat options. Finally, for the person who wants to be entertained while primping, some medicine cabinets come with a TV integrated into the door.

Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or just want to upgrade your medicine cabinet, make sure you give it more than just a fleeting thought. Reducing clutter and organizing your personal items within easy reach can make your bathroom efficient, speeding up your morning routine and making it easier to relax at the end of the day.

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