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5 Reasons to Schedule Regular AC Tune Up

Much like your car, your air conditioner needs regular preventative checkups and maintenance to keep it running smoothly. An AC tune up basically just involves cleaning and inspecting the system to make sure everything is operating safely and efficiently. For instance, the technician will clean the condenser coils and fins to ensure proper air flow through the unit, inspect the ductwork and electrical connections, and check the coolant levels, blower motor operation and the belt.

It may seem like an AC tune up doesn’t serve much purpose other than ensuring eyes on your AC unit at regular intervals, but there are some good reasons to have this done once a year at the start of the season. Here are five good reasons to schedule your annual AC tune up.

Better Energy Efficiency

Regular AC tune ups ensure that your air conditioner continues to run as efficiently as possible, simultaneously maximizing your comfort and minimizing your utility bill. For example, cleaning out the coils and cleaning and straightening fins enables the heat transfer process, which your AC depends on, to work as efficiently as it was designed to. The technician will also inspect the outside of the condenser and make sure there is enough space around it for sufficient airflow for the heat transfer process. In addition, he’ll check your ductwork to make sure you aren’t inadvertently leaking energy somewhere with a leak in the ducts or insufficient insulation around it, since that could cause the air coming out of your vents not to be as cold as it would be with a well-sealed and insulated system.

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Longer Life

An annual AC tune up means that your system will run more efficiently, but that has advantages too. A more efficient system doesn’t have to work as hard and won’t have as many problems. Any potential problems will be caught early when you have eyes on the system at the start of every season, which will minimize any strain on the system that could be worsened by a failing part or a strangled ventilation system. All of these advantages combine to keep your system running longer than it would have been otherwise, saving you time, money and hassle by putting off your AC replacement for a year, two years, or even longer.


A little-known fact is that sometimes regular maintenance is actually required in order to maintain your system’s warranty. Be sure to check the warranty paperwork! And even if regular tune ups are not required, they provide a paper trail to prove that you have been taking good care of the system.

Fewer Repairs and Emergencies

Nothing is worse than having your AC go out during a heat wave and suffering until you can get it fixed. The peak of summer is a high-demand time for technicians, and an emergency appointment can be difficult and expensive to schedule. Having your air conditioning checked out at the start of the season enables you to catch and fix issues before they become a major problem. In addition, sometimes a part failing completely can put strain on other parts of the system, or even cause them to fail, too. Doing an AC tune up and catching problems early may therefore actively prevent some repairs further down the line.

A More Comfortable Home

Maybe you don’t care too much about conserving energy or prolonging the life of your air conditioner, but there is one good reason for doing regular tune ups that we can all get behind: increased comfort at home. An AC unit running in tip-top shape cools better than one that is struggling to keep up, so having your AC unit checked out at the start of the hot season ensures you’ll be comfortable all season long.

The Importance of a Professional AC Tune Up

There are some things, like replacing your air filter and clearing the landscaping around your outdoor condensing unit, that you can do yourself, but for the inner workings of a well-tuned AC system, it’s important to have a professional set of eyes on it once a year. To schedule an AC tune up with a professional you can trust, call Maeser today.

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