Furniture in the Bathroom

Once upon a time, a bathroom was nothing more than an utilitarian place to use the toilet and get clean. Times have changed considerably from a very small, functional room to enclose a tub, sink and toilet, to a more spacious, more comfortable spa-like retreat. And because the trend is to have larger bathrooms, we are seeing furniture becoming a vital part of bath décor.

Of course, just adding furniture for no reason is hardly a good idea. What you want to strive for is combining a piece of furniture that has a purpose. For instance, a beautiful, antique armoire can serve as a linen closet housing towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, bathrobes and more. A vanity with cabinets , drawers, a mirror and a chair can be tucked in a corner for additional storage and for applying makeup, etc. An old stool for sitting or standing on while a child brushes their teeth.

furniture in the bath1

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There is a growing interest in using vintage pieces for bathroom use, also. Consequently, furniture manufacturers have started offering reproduction pieces that come ready to hook into a home’s existing plumbing system. This makes the idea of furniture in the bathroom even more appealing. Make sure measures have been taken to avoid possible mold and mildew on your vintage piece if you decide to recreate an antique into a usable piece for your bathroom. Looking in antique shops, junk stores, flea markets, estate sales or grandma’s attic might give you the pieces you are looking for. Take measurements of your bathroom before heading out on a shopping adventure so your purchases work well with your floor plan. Allow enough swing clearance for doors and cabinets.

Another great idea is to repurpose furniture normally used in other rooms in your home. Perhaps a kitchen stool, foot stool, coffee table, window frame for a mirror, night stand, apothecary cabinets, book shelves and anything else your creative mind can come up with.

furniture in the bath

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The rule is that there are no rules. Your bathroom should reflect your style, dreams and vision. Are you loving these ideas but hating your teeny tiny bathrooms? Are you dreaming of a larger bathroom? Give Maeser a call. We may be able to expand your bathroom to encompass a pantry or closet to enlarge your bathroom space. Visit our showroom to get started.