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Get Cleaner, Better Tasting Water with a Water Filtration System

How often have you said or heard someone else say that they don’t drink wa

ter because they don’t like how it tastes? Water filtration systems resolve this problem simply and completely by eliminating the elements that cause water to taste funny, but they don’t stop there. Using a water filtration system also enables you to enjoy the benefits of filtered water throughout your entire household. Here’s everything you need to know about water filtration systems for your home.

What Is Water Filtration?

There are several ways to filter water. Water can be treated to make it safe to drink, filtered to remove
contaminants, or even softened with a process called ion exchange. Most home systems at minimum will remove the minerals and ot

her contaminants that make water taste unpleasant and leave behind a lot of buildup.

Types of Water Filtration Systems

The simplest way to get filtered water at home is one you’re probably already familiar with: buying a pitcher with a filter in it. While filtered water pitchers are great and reduce the need for bottled water, they only affect your drinking water and not the water you cook with, clean with, or run appliances with, such as your dishwasher and washing machine.

Filtration systems can therefore be installed either on a specific faucet, such as on your kitchen sink, or where your water supply comes into your home, affecting all of the water in your entire household. A filtration system on your sink is good for ensuring that you have clean, filtered water for cooking as well as drinking.

water glass

 A whole-house filtration system will enable you to ensure that every sink and appliance in your home can reap the benefits of filtered water.
Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System in Your Home

Being able to drink filtered water is a significant benefit for many people,
as there are a lot of folks who simply dislike the taste of regular tap water. There are other benefits to a water filtration system than just the improved taste, however, and a whole-house system enables your entire household to reap the benefits. The advantages to filtering your water include:

water filtration


• Improving the quality of water used in your kitchen. Drinking water isn’t the only place where clean-tasting water is a benefit. Use filtered water for brewing tea and coffee, for cooking, and even for washing your dishes.
• Improving the taste of water from any tap in the house. Get a drink from any faucet in the house. This means no more hard water depo

sits on other faucets in the house or in your bathroom cups, either!
• Reducing or eliminating hard water deposit

s on faucets, sinks, water glasses, pet bowls and more. When you ha

ve hard or unfiltered water, you can see the evidence of it everywhere: on faucets, in tea kettles and bathroom cups, in pet bowls, and in toilets. A household filtration system will minimize staining and buildup, enable you to use less soap when you run your dishwasher and washing machine, and will even reduce the wear on your dishes and clothing.

• Prolonging the life of appliances throughout the home. If you guessed that hard water deposits would be hard on your appliances, you guessed right. A filtration system helps you keep your fixtures clean longer and extend the life of appliances such as your hot water kettle, coffee machine and dishwasher.

Install a Water Filtration System with Maeser

Once you’ve decided to install a filtration system in your home, it’s time to look at the different options available to you. At this point it’s best to seek out advice from an experienced professional who can come to your home, analyze your water and any existing system, and discuss your options with you. For more information about how you can get cleaner, better-tasting water in your home, contact Maeser today.

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