Maeser participates in Multiple Sclerosis Expo

The MS Expo was this past Saturday, and for the people who don’t know anyone with multiple
, this may mean nothing to you. But for the people who suffer from this debilitating disease or have a loved one diagnosed with this disease, this expo was immeasurable.

What is MS?
According to the MS Center web site, multiple sclerosis is a progressively degenerative disease with devastating physical, mental, emotional, social and financial effects on a person’s life. It is the most common neurological disorder diagnosed among 20 to 50 year olds. Multiple sclerosis affects women three times more often than men.

What did the MS Expo provide?
There were lectures and exhibits at the expo. The lectures touched on multiple sclerosis research, dealing with pain and sleep disorders, getting your legal house in order and so much more. Maeser was one of the vendors exhibiting products and services that could empower people living with multiple sclerosis. We provided information and ideas on how their bathroom can be modified to increase comfort, safety and independence.

Solving MS challenges in the bathroomMS remodel
One of our customers developed multiple sclerosis and was having difficulties balancing and standing. We removed her existing shower and enlarged it. The shower no longer
requires a door and the curbless flooring allows her to roll her wheel chair into the shower. We installed personal assistant devices such as grab bars and a seat that can be folded flush to the shower wall. Our customer was thrilled and we were thrilled we could help her, in some small way, alleviate some of her challenges.

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis, however, with continued research and awareness, perhaps soon MS will be a thing of the past.

Assistive Technology Program
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has a program that may assist MS patients in enhancing their independent living by helping them locate a product or help them with funding. For more information, call (888) MSFOCUS (673-6287)