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Decisions…we make them every second of every day. Sometimes the decisions we make aren’t life changing, however, some decisions we make can improve our lives, save us money, help the environment, or keep us safe. When it comes to plumbing, heating, cooling, bathroom remodeling or geothermal, Maeser can educate you on some of the choices you have to make, guiding you to the right decision for your family.

Everyone with a home needs a water heater to, well, heat up water. We want warm water for a shower or bath, to use your dishwasher or to wash your clothes.

 There are different types of water heaters, however, so choose the one that works for you. The standard cylinder water heater is filled with water and has a heating mechanism at the bottom. They come in different sizes so if you have a growing family, you may consider a higher capacity water heater. You can also choose a Tankless water heater. It is energy efficient, supplies hot water on demand, is environmentally friendly, reduces your utility bill and will last twice as long as a standard water heater. As always, check out the pros and cons of any water heater you choose.

If you are building a new home or needing to replace your heater or air conditioning unit, consider geothermal. Although the standard HVAC system is competent, and Maeser installs and repairs all types of units, the benefits of geothermal are worth a review. Upfront the cost is more to install, however, geothermal can save you 40-70% in heating costs and 30-50% in cooling costs compared to conventional systems. Within 5 years, the estimated energy savings for geothermal is $6,600, compared to a high-efficiency heat pump system which is estimated at only $3,000. With rebates and local and federal tax credit, the initial cost is dramatically reduced.

Choosing to change the look or even remodel your bathroom to conform to your lifestyle may make your early morning routine less hectic. Perhaps you have a large whirlpool tub that is somewhat impractical for your lifestyle now. Consider installing a large shower with grab bars for safety and a spa-system shower head. The options are limitless and Maeser can guide you to the best and most economical option for you and your family. We can design a layout to fit your budget, then coordinate the entire project.

Choices can sometimes be a daunting proposition, but with the goals you have in mind, and a clear vision as to what will work best for your family, the first step is already taken. A little guidance from experts in the field can help you make the right decision. And when deciding on a plumbing, heating, cooling or bathroom remodeling company, we hope you choose Maeser.

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