The Customer service difference

Have you ever had a person you didn’t know go out of their way to help you out or give you advice that didn’t necessarily benefit them? Have you walked into a store and been greeted by an employee that acted as though they were truly glad you were there? Did they help you find what you were looking for or just point a finger in the general vicinity of the item? Every business should strive for the customer service difference.

Businesses have a multitude of different ways to add value to their product or service, however, they fail in any one area, and it can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of a customer.

Building customer loyalty is the goal of every business, so when a customer calls, the front-line employees answering the phone are representing your company. Cheery and helpful customer representatives can turn the demeanor of any customer from sour to delighted. If your company is a service-oriented company and your employees go to a customer’s home, the customer has to feel comfortable and trust your employee. Having a clean uniform, and as my mother always said, “a wholesome appearance”, makes the customer feel at ease. These employees are the ambassadors of your company. They represent the image you are wanting yourThe Maesser Difference company to portray, and the excellent service your customers expect. They are the “product” you are selling because of their knowledge and experience. Keeping them informed, knowledgeable and well trained, makes your company look like experts in their field.

Marvin Maeser applied this mission and beliefs to his company 38 years ago and we still practice them today. Maeser is a service-oriented company and is the name our customers have trusted for plumbing, heating, cooling and bathroom remodeling. We pride ourselves on having the best trained technicians in the industry. They are licensed and experienced servicemen and they are important and respected members of our Maeser family. We value our customers and value the employees that service our customers. The Maeser difference is customer service. We guarantee it.

Maeser Services / Joni Crume