Maeser serves the Louisville community

This year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Marvin Maeser becoming a plumber. To celebrate, we enjoyed a potluck luncheon with him at the office. Marvin Maeser Plumbing was founded in 1975 by Marvin and Mildred Maeser as a new construction plumbing company. It was several years later that Maeser Master Services was added, in order to provide heating and … Read More

Flowers are blooming, noses are running

With the beauty of Spring comes the beginning of the “hay fever” season. According to, hay fever affects 30% of Americans and over $1 billion is spent to treat the symptoms. Millions of work and school days are lost because of the discomfort of this disorder. In 2011, AAFA listed Louisville as the second city in their Spring Allergy … Read More

Bathroom remodeling-start with the basics

When it comes to our home, we want our surroundings, and in this case, our bathroom, to match our personality and style. You may just want to introduce some new accessories, change the color scheme or theme or do a massive bathroom remodel that coincides with your lifestyle. One thing that is a constant for any degree of decorating plan … Read More