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Improve the Efficiency of your Cooling with Air Conditioner Cleaning

When the summer months roll in, the temperatures in Louisville can soar. When the temperatures soar, so do your energy bills. Keeping your air conditioning system clean, well-maintained and free of any obstructions is the best way to improve its efficiency. And when your AC runs efficiently, you save money on your energy bill.

The best way to keep your cooling system running efficiently is by getting it professionally cleaned at least once per year. When you call the professionals at Maeser for your air conditioner cleaning, there are a few key components that we review to make sure your system is running properly.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Basics: Filters

Perhaps the most important aspect of your cooling system is the air itself. Your AC system uses ducts to pump cool air throughout your house and move warm air out. If those ducts get blocked, it will cause your air conditioner to have to work harder than necessary to move the air.

Air conditioners use filters to prevent dirt, dust, pet hair and any other obstructions from entering the system. The easiest way to boost the efficiency of your cooling system is to regularly replace your air filters when they get dirty. By simply replacing your dirty, clogged filters, you can lower your AC’s energy consumption by 15 percent!

Air Conditioner Cleaning Basics: Coils

Filters do a good job of making sure dirt and debris don’t enter your air conditioner, but nothing is perfect. Even with regular replacement of your filters, your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are still going to get dirty over time. This dirt can reduce airflow and insulate the coil, making it harder for it to absorb heat and do its job.

Outdoor units are even more susceptible to dirt and dust, especially if they’re near plants or in a dusty environment. Things like mowing the grass and falling leaves can quickly coat the evaporator coils with layers of dirt and dust.

We suggest that you get your air conditioner’s coils inspected and cleaned at least once per year to make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Basics: Coil Fins

Surrounding your AC’s coils is a metal, mesh-like covering made up of hundreds of tiny fins that helps to extract hot air away from the condenser. These small openings are called coil fins. Since they’re so small, it doesn’t take much force to bend them. If too many coil fins get bent, it could affect the airflow of your system and hinder the efficiency of your entire system. It’s also not uncommon for leaves, grass and dirt to clog up the small openings, which also stops the flow of air.

If you want your system to run efficiently, it has to be able to get rid of heat. Making sure that all your coil fins are open and clean is of the utmost importance to keep your energy bill low and your family cool.

Preventative Maintenance

When you get your air conditioner professionally cleaned, the trained technician will also look over other aspects of your system to make sure everything is running properly. He or she will check refrigerant levels, look for leaks, measure airflow, inspect electrical terminals, oil motors and check the belts. Identifying problems early is the best way to save money on maintenance costs in the future and keep your system running efficiently longer. If left unchecked, small problems quickly turn into big, expensive problems.

Call the Experts

While it’s easy to change air filters and check for debris on your air conditioner, if you want to make sure your system is running at peak efficiency, you need to hire a professional for thorough air conditioner cleaning. The experienced technicians at Maeser have over 45 years of experience servicing AC units throughout the Louisville, Kentucky area. We will make sure your system is clean and running at maximum efficiency, which will save you money on your energy bills come summertime.

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